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If you don't have a browser which supports frames then you dont belong here anyways... Hmmm... well, I guess it's me, off to make a website again, and this time I think I'll put out the truth of our brainwashed f***ing government. Sorry about the language for people who find it offensive, but I hate everybody else in the whole of the government with a passion. Does this sound self-centered to you? If you really think so, you can e-mail me at and I'll tell you what I think about the lying bast***s that are the people that feed us lies day after day. Anyway, I plan to make this website much better, o' course I'm gonna haf' to learn a bunch more programming, and hopefully it's gonna be as easy to learn as HTML was. And for all you HTML pro's, props to ya. I don't really care how s***ty this site looks and is put together at the moment. Oh yeah, hey Wayne, Zane, and Christopher, let's see how long it is before somebody puts a stop to me telling the truth. LOL. LMAOWROTFCOPPTWARITSOPATIDNRT. (LAUGHING MY ASS OFF WHILE ROLLING ON THE FLOOR CHOKING ON PRETTY PICKLES THAT WERE ACTUALLY ROCKS IN THE SHAPE OF PICKLES AND THEN I DIED, NOT REALLY THOUGH.) Bush would like that though wouldn't he? Yeah, he wants all of us poor mother f***ers to see a riddance to the world. Can you hear me now? Good. </body>