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It had almost been three weeks since it had all come to an end. Time which had gone by without any notice. He had spent most of the time doing what seemed to never end. He spent his time seeking the answers to his inner demons. The demons that had plagued his very soul. The inner feeling that day by day tempted him to set it free. It was an undying pain he himself had chosen to live with. He knew the feeling could not be eradicated. The sinister feeling could only be contained. But for how long would he be able to live with the threatening feeling hidden deep within? Not even he knew the answer to the unraveling threat.

What lurked inside was similar to the picture on the outside. Darkness seemed to follow him everywhere. He just couldn’t help it. To himself he was a threat. To his peers he was a…


There he was, sitting down on the cold floor, his back leaned against the side of his Acura Legend. Like always he seemed not to mind the seclusion of his garage. He seemed not to mind that his only companion was…. Solitude. As he stared dimly into space, he thought about the things that had occurred since it had all ended. He had really not said goodbye to anyone. He had simply parted his own way. He had spent some time in the mountains, which constantly served as his refuge. It helped him get away from it all. The time he spent there made him realize what he wanted to do with his life. A life he had sometimes wished would end.

The day he had returned home from his escapade, he received a phone call. None the less it concerned his wrestling career. Yet he had not been certain if he wanted to continue with it. At first he didn’t want to answer his phone. The same feeling he felt inside had urged him to do so. After a few negotiations, and several minutes, he was now part of a new promotion.

Evermore Professional Wrestling

Today as he sat there on the damp floor, trying to conjure his thoughts, he asked himself, if he really wanted to embark on this new passage. The answer was simple…

He had already packed his bags into the trunk of his car. He looked around vaguely at the emptiness of the room. He then slowly began to rise to his feet. He got into his car, and as he turned the key in the ignition, he opened the door from the garage via a small button located on the steering wheel. When the door had opened completely he drove out and seconds later the door closed automatically behind him. The journey had just begun. As he drove, he noticed a small convenient store. He had gotten a bit thirsty and he believed this would be a good place to get something to quench his thirst without anyone noticing him. Too bad he was wrong.

After parking his car on the side of the street, he opened the car door and he slowly made his way out. He looked around, surveying the area. He had never been here before. H approached the entrance door but before he pushed it open, he seemed to be scanning the inside of the store. He wanted to make sure that it would not be a problem to go inside. After seeing that the store was basically empty, he made his way inside the store. To his behave there was only a few customers who seemed not to care that someone had just walked in. Even though his dreadlocks and exposed biceps, one which was tattooed would usually draw attention almost anywhere else he went. This seemed not to be case. He liked this.

As he began to browse around for something to drink, he heard something he’d never expect to hear, well at least not here…

Voice: oh! Hey Zombie!

As he hears this, he slowly turns his head, glancing to see who it is. He raises his eyebrow as he turns, wondering who had recognized him. It doesn’t take too long for him to realize that it’s no ordinary person. He then sees it’s Mongrelle, someone who he had never really spoken to before, but had been wrestling for the same company. He then forces the worst forced smile possibly possible.

Zombie: Oh, hi! Heh. Heading to the EPW arena?

Mongrelle: mmhmm. Will I, uh, be seeing you there?

When he hears her question, he’s careful and hesitant to answer. As though he really sees no need in talking to her.

Zombie: ….uh, yeah, probably…

He then simply looks down, not really wanting to keep on talking. A woman seems to call Mongrelle and Zombie takes this advantage to walk away. He’s really in no mood to be talking to anyone. As he is walking away he hears Mongrelle’s voice once more.

Mongrelle: Okay, well…I’ll look foreword to seeing you then!

He basically ignores her and keeps looking around the store. Yet he can’t help thinking the reason she would talk to him. Not like they had been friends or anything. He himself barely remembers her. He asks himself, what the hell was that all about? He then no longer pays attention to what went before. As he continues to look for something to buy, he finally, grabs two water bottles and begins to make his way towards the counter. He places them on the top of the counter and awaits for the elderly woman to charge him. The elderly woman takes a look at Zombie and looks back it him with great awkwardness. He pays no attention as he awaits patiently.

Elderly Woman: …Tha-that wi-will be 2.50 young man

Zombie takes out a five dollar bill and places on the counter as the woman is placing his bottles in a paper bag. She pushes the bag towards him as she takes the bill. He then simply walks away not talking to the woman nor looking at any of the other customers in the store.

He walked out of the store without a care in the world. Not even thinking of what would come in the near future. Simply cause he didn’t care, anywhere else would be better than where he was. As for the unstopable feeling that kept engulfing and digging into his soul. It was contained. Yet he didn't know for how long. He didn't know if he would be able to contain it for long. Would this new place be able to substain any danger driven from the feeling? Or would it succumb as everything else had before. There was nothing for sure. Everything was not as it seemed. The feeling was here...