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Hello. Welcome to Xaito's profile, I do hope that you enjoy this as much as I have creating it. I'll probably add more to it as his character progresses in Role Playing, so drop by once in a while if you'd like to see what else has happened in Xaito's life. Have fun! ^_^-

Age: 26

Height: 6'2

Weight: 190

Appearence: Xaito stands at a decent height of 6'2. He has long brown hair that reaches down to his knee's, which he usually keeps in a pony-tail. Eyes are a jade-green color. A noticeable scar on his left cheek which was left during his first encounter with Himura Kenshin, which he keeps as a reminder. Quite lanky, though very agile. Clothing: Xaito usually wears a forest green Kimono with a white cut-off sleeved shirt underneath, with black or tan light-clothed pants. Two elbow length two-fingered gloves that are a dark-grey color.

Weapons: A custom made Katana with an ivory hilt. The sheath is made of oak-wood, and jet black. Under his kimono, and around him is a strap that holds a dozen daggers, though he has rarely ever used them. Xaito has obtained a new set of weapons, which he had uncovered during the battle against Deminio-- Two chains and shackles, to use to bind his opponents. The shackles can come off, But Xaito tends to use the chains with the shackles.

Allies: Himura Kenshin, Nodel Leshere, Tonio Asura.

Enemies: Too many to name.

Current Occupation: Wandering warrior.

Background: Xaito grew up in a small village. He started to learn how to make weapons by his father, who was the village's Blacksmith at the time. Xaito started weilding the Katana at the age of 14, and nearly perfected his own style at the age of 20. Being born on Dreamworld, Xaito had also inherited quite a few capabilities. His swordsmanship was increased beyong anything expected, and he had learned quite a few dark spells. Xaito continued to train with his Katana, and his spells everyday. Though he dedicated his life to the sword, he did help around the armory that his father ran, also training himself to make his own armor and weapons. Every week a small organization of fighter's met in a clearing in the forest by the village, where bets would be placed on one fighter or another. Xaito often entered these, betting on himself mostly. Though he won some, he did lose some, against better fighters that had come from different places. Earning quite a bit of money from the fights, Xaito planned on taking a trip elsewhere when he thought the time was right. But for now he continued helping his father run the armory and train his skills even more.
Three years of saving up bet money, and training Xaito thought he was extremely close to being ready for his trip. He was coming home from another fight, one which he had won rather easily. Quite a few people were gathered outside his home, which left him slightly clueless. Raising an eyebrow, Xaito walked up to a group of the people. "What's going on?" He asked, looking to a middle aged man. "I'm so sorry Xai... Your parents have passed away.." Xaito's eyes widened for a moment as he heard this, his expression quite shocked, yet blank. He stood there for quite a few minutes, trying to let the information that he had just heard seek in. It was if an explosion occured in his body when he shot away from the group and ran inside the house, tearing around trying to find his parents. Xaito rushed inside his parents room to find them in bed, both not breathing. Their eyes were closed, and were holding eachother. Immediately Xaito smiled. Not because they were dead, but because it was as though this is how they wanted to die, at peace and with eachother... But when he began to look closer, he noticed that there were bruises around their neck, as though they were strangled. Xaito rushed out of his parents room and walked out to the crowd. "Has anybody seen anyone around here today? Anyone... My parents have been murdered!" Xaito bellowed out, glaring at the crowd. All of the people standing outside looked around, rather hesitant. "Uhmm... One person.. A man. Shadowed by the cloak that he was wearing. We didn't see his face, but he left right after he came out of the house.." An old woman said, her face stricken with sadness. Xaito walked passed the crowd, not saying another word. He continued down the road and out of town, in search of the man that had done this.
It had been three years since Xaito had left his village. On his search for the killer, who had used his skills in battle to earn money to continue across the land on foot. He's faced various opponents, including two respectable one's he shall never forget-- Himura Kenshin, and Tonio Asura. Xaito thinks highly of Himura, and has even been tought to an extent by him. Though Xaito dislike's Tonio Asura's arrogance, he does every once in a while see eye to eye with him. Another good friend Xaito has met on the way is Nodel Leshere, a Mage. Nodel is a very kind and peaceful soul, though sometimes the darkness in his background can get out of hand. Xaito has almost left his past behind, though he does pay respect to his parents on their death date. Xaito now can be spotted usually in the Cross-Roads pub, with a bottle of Sake in his hand.

Past event: "The Rebirth" Tournament.( Sunday Janurary 16th, 2005.)-- Lost in first round.
"The battle against Gods" Quest. It was succesfully won for the heros side. Xaito helped Nodel and the group defeat Deminio at the end.

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New Disease(Xaito's Theme)

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