3 doors down :: be like that
3 doors down :: here without you
Aaliyah :: i dont wanna be alone
AFI :: girls not grey
Alanis Morissette :: head over feet
Alanis Morissette :: ironic
Alanis Morissette :: you oughta know
all american rejects :: swing swing
ataris :: i remember you
ataris :: my so called life
ataris :: giving up on love
ataris :: boxcar
ataris :: hey kid!
ataris :: in this diary
ataris :: the last song i will ever write about a girl
audioslave :: like a stone
autopilot off :: something for everyone
bad religion :: television
bowling for soup :: girl all the bad guys want
chevelle :: send the pain below
chevelle :: the red
chevelle :: dont fake this
dashboard confessional :: so impossible
deadstar assembly :: send me an angel
disturbed :: down with the sickness
disturbed :: prayer
dj sammy :: boys of summer
evanescense :: bring me to life
fabolous ft. ashanti :: so into you
fabolous ft. lil mo :: cant let you go
finch :: letters to you
finch :: new beginnings
finch :: stay with me
finch :: what it is to burn
gary jules :: mad world
genitorturers :: i touch myself
genitorturers :: razor cuts
ginuwine :: differences
ginuwine :: love you more
ginuwine :: superhuman
godsmack :: straight out of line
goo goo dolls :: sympathy
hole :: celebrity skin
hole :: doll parts
hole :: northern star
jack johnson :: flake
jack off jill :: nazi halo
jack off jill :: angelz f*cc
jack off jill :: fear of dying
jack off jill :: losing his touch
jack off jill :: vivica
jack off jill :: ugly girl
john mayer :: not myself
john mayer :: your body is a wonderland
korn :: bottled up inside
less than jake :: i think i love you
less than jake :: metal heads
less than jake :: i could walk 1ooo miles
lifehouse :: just another name
lifehouse :: trying
lisa left eye lopez :: a new star is born
marques houstan :: that girl
matchbox 2o :: unwell
mest :: chelsea
mest :: drawing board
mest :: fuct up kid
mest :: hotel room
mest :: wasting my time
mest :: lonely days
msi :: daddy
msi :: bed of roses
msi :: i'm your problem now
msi :: unsociable
misfits :: die die my darling
msi :: diabolical
mudvayne :: dig
mudvayne :: not falling
mudvayne :: under my skin
mudvayne :: world so cold
name taken :: feeling sorry
name taken :: for sunday
name taken :: life goes by
name taken :: motionless
name taken :: new song
name taken :: waiting
nfg :: happy together
nfg :: i do it for you
nirvana :: all apoligies
nirvana :: come as you are
nirvana :: dumb
nirvana :: heart shaped box
nirvana :: smells like teen spirit
rancid :: blood clot
rufio :: dipshyt
rufio :: like a prayer
rufio :: she cries
rufio :: stop whining
saves the day :: certain tragedy
sister hazel :: all for you
social distortion :: dont drag me down
something corporate :: punk rock princess
sugarcult :: hate every beautiful day
sugarcult :: how does it feel
sugarcult :: pretty girl
switchblade symphony :: wrecking yard
tapping the vein :: beautiful
tapping the vein :: butterfly
tapping the vein :: cornflake girl
tapping the vein :: everything
tapping the vein :: numb
tatu :: not gonna get us
the donnas :: take it off
the starting line :: best of me
the starting line :: cheek to cheek
the starting line :: saddest girl story
the used :: bilimic
the used :: buried myself alive
the used :: maybe memories
the used :: noices and kisses
the used :: pieces mended
the vines :: get free
thursday :: a whole in the world
thursday :: porcelin
thursday :: streaks in the sky
thursday :: the dream
thursday :: this sadness
tlc :: damaged
tool :: aenema
tool :: schism
tool :: the patient
used :: moist silver
violent delight :: i wish i was a girl
virus :: full circle
white stripes :: 7 nation army
white stripes :: fell in love with a girl

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