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Madonna Wayne Gacy

When I was 12 years old, back in the days of 1995, I had a major twist in my life. My friend who was 18 had comitted sucide to the tunes of Metalica's "Nothing Else Matters" [R.I.P. Darren]. I had just started to get into metal bands and was [dare I say it] listening to Metalica & Pantera. In a CD store one night I saw Antichrist Superstar sitting in it's nice cardboard case for $20. I liked CD being done in parts, as if to tell some sinister story of life.

Well sure enough I loved it as soon as I played it. Having just becoming a poet, writing my first song about my friends suicide, I refused to look at inside covers of CDs in case they had the lyrics. I didn't like [and still don't] like having my own personal parts of life influenced by others that were in the same medium. Another thing about Antichrist... a metal band with a pianist. After hearing all his samples, mixing, keyboard work, musical scores and playing of many instruments on the album this guy was like a god to me.

I was a multi-talented person myself but what he does is phenomenal. Madonna Wayne Gacy was my first idol at the age of 12 and it has still stuck. I was lucky enough to meet Pogo, aka Madonna Wayne Gacy, at the Dead To The World Tour not too long after getting that CD. He seamed pretty frustrated and he threw his little red keyboard near me on a seat. After apologizing for nearly hitting me he noticed me in awe at both himself and the keyboard by my side. There I sat, pale as a ghost [not just because of the clown white foundation] and not able to move, absolutely speechless.

He leaned forward and asked if I was okay. After nodding I asked to pick up his keyboard and he said he could teach me a real easy song, called "Cryptorchid". Sure enough after learning 6 keys I knew the song. The only question I had for him that I can still remember was "Why the name Madonna Wayne Gacy?". The first part being the notrious Madonna, the whole band going for a pretty woman/serial killer stage name idea. And the second being John Wayne Gacy, some notorious for all the wrong reasons.

John Wayne Gacy

Ah, John Wayne Gacy, where to begin? To put it simply this was a twisted, old, perverted man. And if you have a slight fetish for children, what would be the best way to get close to them? Probably would guess it if you knew me personally, but he decided a life career as a clown. A clown by the name of Pogo. He'd put on his big white clown make up with huge saucer-sized blue eyes and a nice big red smile. He sure would have looked friendly as all hell in his big puffy clone suit, also with being overweight it suited him scaredly well.

But old dirty John didn't just have a fetish for any kids. They had to be young. They had to be young boys. The had to believe he was just nice old "Pogo the Clown". The take his balloons and watch his magic tricks. Parents around the towns were hiring him for hundreds of kids parties. But not all kids liked clowns. So to accomodate for that John used to bring a little plastic cubbyhouse. And of course all clowns had to have special names for there special places. So John named his this little house of fun "Pogo's Playhouse".

Those poor little boys didn't know what was coming. They would take his hand and the rest is for you to read about in your own time. To put it down to the point there are now alot of dead little boys that have been molested and raped by John Wayne Gacy, aka Pogo the Serial Killer Clown. To this day he is still on death row.


Well Me is me! Mark aka Pogo. If you go thru the photos part of this website you will understand all. If you don't know me then damn well send me an email, come get a piercing, go see my band or quit your bitching!!!