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Bios of our Riders

The lost is no more, we have decided to stop the rivalries, and the hate. We are just a crew of friends that feel good about what they do. U have a problem with this there is this tiny lil x up in ur rite hand it now. Ok all the haters gone...good...anyways I am Will Noonan, me and my friend Tyrel decided to bring together a bunch of people that enjoyed the sports that we excel in. We got together bikers, skaters and the like and we decided to ride together. Maybe in the future we will become a team and represent our shit hole town together, maybe one of us will get discovered and go out and be famous, maybe the gnome will give me my shoe back. What ever happens we will never forget each other. We push eachother to be better and we wont stop doing that. Without friends our sports wudnt exist so please, don't hate us. Just accept us for being friends and for wanting to make each other better. Thank you...and god bless the extreme sports

Riders Bios

Will (biker, photo guy, tech dude)
Jesse (skater)
Noodles (skater and jackass)
Bacon (Skater)
Jeff (skater and filmer)
Jean (skater and french guy)
The Chad (biker, filmer, Ty hater)
Devo (Skater, Stripper)
Matt (Skater, poet, great guy)
Brian (Biker, Loud Guy)