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Recently, our site informant caught up with Jean and got an interview with him, this is what he had to say to the very important questions.

Name: Jean Vanier
Years Riding:10 months
Residence: Espanola, Ontario
skateboard: enjoi kiss/ daewon almost, fury truck, blind wheel, red bearing
Favorite skate spots: winkels, sagamok
Favorite Thing to Ride: skateboard and girls
Favorite Tricks: darkslide, jesse wen he does crazy bonelesses and 360 flips
Likes: skateboarding and girls
Influences: Mike v, lawence.
Why do you Ride: Because..i dont like any sports cuz some 1 tells you what to do, extreme sports are the only way to go! no one tells u what to do u do ur own thing with ur friends and u help eachother out.
What are you doing if you aren't Riding: thinking about riding or with friends or girlfriend
Favorite Song: reflections/ the after dinner payback from autumn to ashes
What is your Life goal or Dream: every skaters dream, PRO!
Hook-ups or Relationships: relationships duh
Thrift store or The mall: neither, i get kicked out of both wen i skate there
What would you like to say to the people: hi my names jean? i skatebord? goodbye now:D
And Finally, whose hotter, jesus or god:there both to sexy to decide!