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(*(Dream Rides)*)

Well hey ya'll, welcome to the page that will house our ideas for our dream rides. I wont have em on seperate pages, I'll just list them in 2 catergories, Bikes and Boards. I hope this gives you [the reader] a lil insight into our tastes and fave companies. Thanx =^'_'^=

Dream Bike: Wildo

Frame: FBM Capone
Brakes: Odyssey Evolver U-Brakes, with London mod, slik cables and Odyssey GTX-R gyro
Levers:Dragonfly DOHC levers
Stem:Odyssey Elementry Stem or the C.F.N.
Tires: Earth Science
Rims:Odyssey Hazard Lites
Cranks and sprocket:Odyssey Vermont 30t sprocket attached to 41 thermal 3 pc crank
Seat/Seatpost:Marcell seat on G.I. post...with a Mr. Clampy seat clamp
Pedals: Hyper Stocks
Bars:Snafu Rifle Bars
Grips:ODI Ruffian Lock Ons

Dream Bike: Tyrel

Frame: Haro SX Pro
Brakes: Tektro BX 40 Linear pull brakes, with Odyssey Slik Cable
Levers: Odyssey Trigger Lever
Rims:Supra J
Cranks and sprocket: Poverty euro 3-pc with a RNC lite titanium chain wheel
Seat/Seatpost:Crupi Pro seat and Fit alum. seat post
Pedals: DK iron cross magnesium
Bars: Animal Bob Scerbo
Grips: ODI Ruffian lock on combo

Dream Board: Noodles

Deck: My own Legacy deck
Trucks: Oust enhanced Tensors
Wheels: Tensors or Ousts
Bearings: Oust MOC 9, SS edition
Hardware: Lucky
Bushings: Lucky

Dream Board: Devon

Deck: Gailea momolou signature
Trucks: destructo rail killers (weapons grade aluminum BIATCH!)
Wheels: zeros
Bearings: bonez redz
Hardware: shorty silverados
Bushings: squishy ones

Matt's \/\/\/\\//
Dream Board: A board....... like a Rodney Mullen Almost! OMG! COOL!
Deck:A Chris Haslam almost.... its sweet but I already ahve a dent in the ply!
Trucks: Rellik
Bearings:HKD ABEC 7
Hardware: Does it matter? Rellik! lol. Bushings:Theres some more Rellik for you

Look forward to The rest of the crew's dream rides coming soon...tankies.