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Name: Devon D bidal
Years Riding: 7 months
Residence: Espanola, Ontario
skateboard: Gailea momolou darkstar, shorty’s silverados , cyclone abec7 , zero American 53mm , ed tempelton signature thunder trucks, thunder bushings. Favorite skate spots: in Espanola Cambrian College, complex, Royal Bank, Ball Park, in Thunder Bay 3rd and high, west thunder skate park, cash advance place, and everywhere I may inflict pain on myself.
Favorite Thing to Ride: skateboard. Not cock...sicko!!
Favorite Tricks: noseslide, pop-shovit, shovit, nollie , pogo ,long ass manuals
Hates: evil psycho control bitches, posers
Likes: girls that like me for what I am, trying something new.
Influences: my dad ,my dad here, my mom , vanilla (thanks for getting me into the sport) and all my homies.
Why do you Ride: no reason
What are you doing if you aren't Riding: sleeping
Favorite Song: line and sinker - Billy Talent
What is your Life goal or Dream: professional skater / stripper
Ass or tits: both
Hook-ups or Relationships: both ?
Thrift store or The mall: mall
What would you like to say to the people: NEVER TAKE NO FOR AN AWNSER
Whos your fav people to ride with: my team