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Welcome to the Freakie Faerie Scammer Patrol

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Known Scams

-Fake Login Pages-

Because of Neopets new login pages there will be no more fake login pages.  If you do see one then report them.  It just means that they haven't updated their shops.


-Password Scams-

     The easiest way to steal an account is to know someone's password. Scammers will do EVERYTHING to get it. Some people pretend to be from the neopets staff. They will say that an error has occurred in the neopets database and that they need your password. NO ONE FROM THE NEOPETS TEAM WILL EVER CONTACT YOU ASKING FOR YOUR PASSWORD! Other people say that they have a special way to generate neopoints. They ask your password so they can use this cheat on your account to. There is NO special way to get more neopoints! NEVER EVER GIVE OUT YOUR PASSWORD! No matter what someone says.


-Shop scams-

      People can tell you to buy something from their shop and promises to give you something in return, or to buy from your shop. Or they promises you to tell you a secret for how to generate your own neopoints. These are just scams to get you to buy their over-priced items. Never do any trading outside the trading post!


-Trading post scams-

     Sometimes people tell you that the highest bidder on their (usually junk) lot will get a bla bla expensive item. Or they say they are leaving neopetsand the highest bid on their lot will get their account. (If that's true, why would they want the highest bid?) These are just scams to rob you from your well deserved neopoints.


-E-mail scams-

     When someone asks you to change the email address on your info page into an address they give you, NEVER do it! They will probably tell you that you will get something valuable when you do this.
     So why not? The email address they want you to put into your info page is theirs. So when you change it, they can do a "lost password". That means that neopets sends your password to the email address on your info page. Can you see? they are trying to steel your account!


-Chain letters-

     Sometimes you will see a message saying: Post this message on twelve different boards and you will find a fearie paintbrush! or you receive a neomail telling you to sent this mail to all your friends to get a paintbrush as a random event. These are chainletters and they are not true. just delete them right away.



      Neositting means leaving your account to someone else to take care of your pets while you are on your holiday. What's wrong? That's easy...
     If someone wants to take care of your pets, they need access to your account. You shouldn't ever trust ANYONE with that! What can happen when you still decide to get a neositter? Imagine: after two weeks on a tropical island in the Caribbean you get home and decide to check upon your neopets. When you log in to your account you notice that all your neopoints are gone! Along with your petpet collection... Or even worse... You can't seem to get into your account. A cybunny keeps telling you that you used the wrong password! Your account was stolen by the neositter.So think twice before you decide to get a neositter! If you want your pets to be looked after while your gone, you can leave them happily at the neolodge.


-Neofriends scams-

     Sometimes people will ask you for an item or Neopoints in order to be their Neofriend. What happens? They ask for something rare like a bottled faerie. Then they add you to their Neofriend list, and say they will give you something else in exchange. Two weeks later, you log in, and you see that the person hasn't given you anything in exchange. Or they have given you junk. Don't be Neofriends with anyone who requests a rare item!



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