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Valley of the Doll

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Hello sailor, care to lick my flanks? haha, scared already? Dont worry - sooner or later I'll give up and die. But until then, I'm afraid this is where you can find all my innermost thoughts and feelings - Satan help us! - stuff I dont tell anyone else, but I need an outlet for some of this shit, so here it is. I fucking hope nobody actually cares, cos its just me on my lonesome spouting shit about whatever I feel like. And Angelfire are ggod enough to let me do it for free. Its kinda like therapy. Now, Ive seen a lot of websites that are all "I hate myself and I want to die, so let me pour my misery out for all to read and laugh at" well, sorry fuckers, if thats what turns you on fine, but dont expect any fucking sympathy from me. If you truly do want to kill yoursellf, go ahead and fuckin do it already! Leave the rest of us here, we'll have a fucking ball. This site is gonna be just like the inside of my head, so Im sorry if it offends you in any way - if it does, then fuck off cos I really dont care.