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I am what I choose to show you.
I am outside inbetween and exist
nowhere. Misfit, pariah hermit,
eyesclosed and dreaming.
My day is of summer, my
nights of winter.

In the bruised callous world
I create my own, of passion and idylls.
A fierce and still believer. I swoonseek
what brings a rushblush to my head;
my heart;
Burning beacon of longing,
uncomfortably shifting, empty in
the arms of another; empty alone. Still
searching...always searching for you.

I love as fierce surrender. Confident,
unsure, stumbling and alive, my neck
against the knife. The joy is there,
on razoredge. The blood is the life.
Wounds are scars are weapons. Fight...
Wake up next to me and I will love you

I am her and him, sweatsexed and glistening.
Always outside inbetween. Shy toecurled slut
coy tease and tremble tender. Never sure
you could want me for we torment each other
continually even now in the silence.
Pillowdeep I snuggle
warm...I still love you.

Young, supple, not yet bent but
fearing the mark of age and the black dog
of depression. Moodswinger; melancholy;
dreading the passage of days, determined
to live them all. Dancing through extremes
of elation and despair.

I exist in a whisper of a place, eyesclosed,
fogcaressed. The smell of you so real.
Heart swollen, I am swallowed
in the vast empty white ache of pain.
Forgetting when you took my whispers and ran
with them. Now I stand in wait there, waiting for
your return to my land.
A land where our minds meet as one and dare to
take hold and run...not apart but together

I Am What I choose To Show You
Written by dunn0
please do not publish without permission