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Profiles of the Shadows

Temporary Bios (until Drago gets ger ass into gear and gets the proper ones)

Drago Likes to think of herself as being a coldhearted loner of a bitch, but its not really all that true. At times she can be a right cow, and appear to have no emotions- but the truth is shes really a good laugh and loves company and plenty of attention. By the way, she does have feelings.
Hobbies; " guitar i guess. And writing songs...thats about all i ever really do. And i quite like horseriding, but thats something i dont exactly do very often... my main hobby is my music. I can't live without it!"

Lorna seems fairly hard coreat a glance, but does have feelings (somewhere). Shes bubbly, has lots of ideas, and is generally full of the joys of life(what joys i wonder?). Lorna is a great laugh and good company. Dedicated and hard working, shes surely what makes the band.
Hobbies; "Eating, sleeping, having a good time with friends. The normal crap."

James is the long suffering, best buddy of Drago.They've known each other since nursery school, and are pretty close. James is kind and easy to get on with, but trusts people too easilly. Could this be some sort of weakness? Nah.
Hobbies; "Well, erm... i like horses, does that count as a hobby?I like music. Not exactly hard core rocker shit like Drago, but nevermind."

Fairly quiet compared to the rest of the band, but just as dedicated and patient. Hes determined to work on his drummer skills though.Kind (most of the time) and great company, hes surely one of the biggest laughs.
Hobbies; "um.. the drums? i dont really do hobbies..."

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