Listen to what I have to SAY!

So this site is for me to express my feeling in the form of a post? Hereís a post for all you rejects out there! Iím going to tell you why Iím not a pathetic loser like the majority of you weak ass homos littering our streets. You might think that youíre a pretty cool guy living it up in his fancy life. Well you know what? Youíre a failure at everything you ever attempted. I can say this with confidence because most of the men out there are pussiesÖalways were and always will be. Letís say that you are an everyday Joe that wakes up in the morning and goes to school or work and hangs out with friends and has fun every now and then and then goes to bed in order to start this day all over again tomorrow. If this is your life than that means youíve never even tried to make yourself a better person and going to the gym isnít even an option. This means if I ever meet up with you, I will utterly destroy you in an instance. Anyone who falls into this category should automatically commit suicide, this would do the world a large favour in reducing overpopulation. And besides, do we really want to keep people like this around? People living in our society are weak and feeble. They need to be told how to live their lives and do things just so they can please everyone. You know who these people are?....these people are you. If you think you look good and are a tough guy, youíre wrong because youíre a piece of trash. It has been brought to my attention that there are those people living amongst us that feel as though they are depressed and are having a rough time with their lives. You know what? Welcome to the first day to the rest of you lives! I know this post was a bit much but I had to vent a little because if you donít vent, you end up like every other weak pathetic piece of trash out there breathing in a little bit of that oxygen meant for someone superior like me. You might be thinking that Iím just some nerd writing because I got made fun of at the park today. Well you're wrong moron! Iím that same guy you always wished you could be and Iím only using this webpage to let the rest of the world know how truly inferior they are. Bottom line, go to the gym and stop being such a worm.