Celebrities I’d Like to Fight (and would kick the shit out of)

Here’s a list of different celebrities I’d like to find, talk to for a brief second and kick the shit out of. There’s more celebrities I hate then the one’s I listed here and they will probably come up in the not to distant future. But these are one’s that are on my mind at the moment.

Marc Anthony

oh God would I like to kick the feces out of this guy! I mean first of all, Marc is not spelt with a c at the end, it ends in a k, and in some rare occasions a q. If your one of those fags out there who spells it with a c, I have one thing to say, fuck you and go kill yourself because you’re a waste of human life(I suppose that was 2, but remember I'm always right so don't try and correct me bitch). Now back, to that talentless hack Marc Anthony. Why do people (and I use the term lightly because anyone who likes him is not a person in my opinion, the only opinion that counts) like him and his music? For 5 years he had only one song that people had ever actually heard and yet they seemed to flock to him. Then he comes out with more songs and there all exactly the same! “I need you”, “I need to know”, “I miss you”, “Everything you do” this is all fucking garbage, he’s done the same song 30 times, why doesn’t he call them what they truely are “I fucking suck”, “You know I have no talent”! Someone definitely needs to shoot this guy in the face. However for a fag he does put hot girls in his video’s so I don’t HAVE to castrate him… but I will anyway.

Robin Williams

this guy seriously needs to have every bone is his body broken. That’s the only way he’s ever going to stop moving. He has more bounce in him then the Tasmanian devil on crack! Fuck, is there anything more annoying than this fuckhead? So he’s made a couple of good movies, but even a broken clock is right twice a day (and I know some of you fucking hippy homo’s out there will say “Not a digital clock” but shut the fuck up, no one cares about what you have to say). I’d like to tie Williams up so that he isn’t moving, get a baseball bat, shut my eyes and just start swinging! And there isn’t a person alive that wouldn’t love to do this. If there’s actually someone out there who disagrees, kill yourself, thus negating your existence and meaning you’re not alive. I mean the guy has a damn imitation for everything and 99% of them suck ass. “Here’s an impression of a dog bark rough” and he thinks people actually enjoy this? Robin, do the world a favour imitate Kurt Cobain and kill yourself.

Carrot Top

last, but definitely not least is the man everyone in the world hates, Carrot Top. Who the hell keeps giving this loud mouth, obnoxious, joke of a man jobs!?!? Perhaps those are the people I should be kicking the shit out of, but nonetheless Carrot Top definitely deserves to be thrown off the top of a tall building. He calls himself a prop comic, yet his jokes consist of nothing more than what a retarded five year old could throw together. I like everyone else enjoy a good laugh at stupid stuff every now and then, but this guy is so fucking dumb he makes George W. Bush look like Albert Einstein! This man is all that is bad in the world, and is one of this site’s most wanted; we will not rest until we’ve rid the world of Carrot Top.