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Hi ladies-welcome and thanks for visiting my swap notepad! Although I am new to swapping, I've been around MUA for a while and know the ropes. I will NOT tolerate swaplifters-consider this your warning. I won't hesitate to report you and post your name here and on swaptawk. Until I have build up my tokens, I am perfectly happy to send my end first. I will only ask you to ship to zip codes: 43096 (primary) or 45324 (secondary). I am open to trying new things and have just begun to dive into higher end cosmetics. Thus, I'm trying to build my collection. I prefer to swap for higher end as drugstore items are readily available me...exception being if there is something I'm unable to find or that has been discontinued. At this time I am not doing any swaps outside the U.S. I will look at all swap lists and reply even if it is to say no thanks. I would appreciate the same from others. It only takes a minute to reply. Please don't feel offended if I deny your swap request. It's most likely because I don't see anything on your swap list that I can use. I have agreed to swap requests before just to get rid of my things and ended up with something else I won't use. So I am trying to stick with just swapping for things I want/need. Also, don't feel offended if the item you sent me ends up on my swap list. It may not be for me, that's all. I tend to have lemmings for products that I think I just have to have. Nine times out of ten, it just isn't something I like. I always send my items through USPS priority with delivery confirmation. I expect the same. That way the cost is equal and we both get our items faster. Last but not least, have fun! That's what swapping is supposed to be about. :)

So far, some of my favorites are:
~MAC eyeshadows, blot powder, lipglasses, and pigments
~BB shimmerbrick
~Stila brushes
~Clinique lipsticks

Some of my favorite drugstore items are:
~Jane eyezings- I love these so much!
~Revlon high dimension mascara
~Loreal OTL eyeshadows
~Rimmel lipglosses