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Hey yallz lol(no i aint a hick) This is my bub D_U_D_E_2388's page. He was born on Aug.2001. He is my favorite pet. I baught a paint brush(cloud) to make'em look tight. Hes got no trophies bcuz u ppl at neopets vote on popularity n i dont talk much so...any way...MOVING ON

My favorite THINGS:
Mah fave things are playin FRIZBEE and runnin and bein sprayed wit the waterin can. And my guild. Im the proud mascott.

My Owner:
My owner is Kristen *****, of ***** *****,Indiana. She likes to feed and brush me and is very nice to meh. if u wanna email her then email /neomail trustcompany354(aim) and neomail is clover_rose_is_back.Shes a blonde wit blue eyes, 5'7 and 110 pounds pics in guild. Anywayz, nuff bout her...

My Fave Foodz:
Of course cheeze n burgers but i like bacon strips and other TREATZ.

Well if you want anymore info on me then neomail mah owner.NITE NITE PEEEPS n vote fo meh ok?