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Appearing in the locker room un-noticed, TBM walks by Viper, Dark Spade and Veit. Standing a few feet infront of them, he smiles and tilts his head to one side. He knows they cannot see him because he chooses to stay hidden. He does a little dancing clown jig for laughs for himself. Then, his smile dissappears and he turns serious for once. Thus far, he has not spoken a single word...however, that was about to change. In a high, eary voice, but somewhat deep at the same time, TBM speaks his first words, still keeping hidden from UM.

I can see that you are having problems with hit and runners, aren't you?

Dark Spade, Viper and Veit suddenly look around the room to see who is speaking.

Do not bother looking for me, for I am currently hidden. though, you do not have to worry about being attacked, for I choose not to. Why? Those are my own reasons. I have a proposition for you, Dark Spade. I know UM has many enemies and very few allies, so this is my proposition. I wish to ally myself with UM. A question must be going through your mind currently. How can you ally with someone you can't even see? Thats the beauty of me. I can go undetected if I wish. I can have only certain people see me if I choose. Thats what makes me so powerful.

TBM appears before Dark Spade and only before Dark Spade. Dark Spade jumps a bit as TBM is hanging upsaide down from the ceiling while Viper and Viet are still looking around.

See the beauty in my work? Those two are still looking for me while you can see me as pure as day. Lovely isn't it? So, what shall your answer be?

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