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The Rules

I like cybersex a lot, and I'm very good at it. In real life, I'm a very nice guy, and you'd probably find me boring, since I'm kind of a geek. Online, I like to let go and expore some extreme stuff, much of which I'd never do offline, for various reasons. My cyber fantasies include extremely taboo scenarios like family, force, ageplay, wedding day, and various other scenes. If you like that, read the following rules and if they're okay with you, IM me. If not, that's fine, too.

I've been having cybersex and hooking up with people online for a long, long time. AOL never gives me enough room on a profile page to list all the guidelines I've learned to follow that suit my particular needs and desires regarding cybersex, so I've set up this page. I appreciate you reading it.

I don't apologize for these rules or guidelines even remotely. This is what's necessary for me to enjoy a cyber fantasy. If you can't (or just plain won't) adhere to these guidelines, then you can't and won't play with me. It's as simple as that.

1. I'M NOT HERE TO TALK TO GUYS. I am here to have cybersex with females. GUYS: I don't care what you want me to do with your girlfriend, your wife, your ex girlfriend or ex wife, your sister, your female cousin, your mother, your aunt, your randomly chosen female relative. I don't care if you have pics of her. You're all liars, you're all making this up and hoping I'll participate while you whip your skippies, and I'm not here to get you off. You're pathetic. Go find a girl to have cyber with, or at least, another guy pretending to be a girl, and LEAVE ME ALONE.

Even if you really have some poor woman in your life you want to watch me climbing all over, it won't happen. She desperately needs to break up with you and start sleeping with me, obviously. But you will NEVER BE WATCHING WHEN IT HAPPENS. Deal with it and move on.

Guys coming into my chatroom will be evicted as soon as I notice them. Buh bye.

On the other other hand, because I'm a total perv, if you're a guy and you want to roleplay being a young sweet PRETTY male for me... maybe. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a little m/b love. But rarely. Don't get your hopes up.

2. Don't insult my intelligence. Tell me you're whatever age you want me to think you are, just understand, if you start insisting that you really are 15 years old and I have to accept that to have cybersex with you, you're a cop, and I know that. For the record, I assume everyone I have cybersex with or talk at all with in an adult chat room IS an adult, and if they tell me something different, they're doing it for roleplaying purposes. Let's just have that clear. If you live near me and want to hook up with me and you told me you were underage, my declared assumption for all purposes of legal intent is that you were roleplaying and you are really a legally aged consenting adult. Got that?

3. If you're a brat, don't bother me. I don't have time for it. You're either here to get pleasure by pleasing me or you're just annoying and wasting my time.

4. If I ask you if you have a pic, there are two acceptable answers: "no, sorry" (which aggravates me, since it's the 21st Century and you should have a pic scanned by now) or "yes, sending" (which I like much, much more). But "No, sorry" is respectful and won't end our conversation immediately.

Nonetheless, while we're on this subject, let me tell you, girls: GUYS REALLY LIKE IT IF YOU HAVE A PIC. GO GET ONE SCANNED.

IF YOU HAVE A PIC, AND YOU TELL ME YOU HAVE A PIC, BUT YOU ARE UNWILLING TO SEND IT TO ME FOR ANY REASON, WE WILL NOT PLAY. Got that? No exceptions. I don't care if you need to get to know me. I don't care if you never send first. This is a submission test. If you don't want to please me enough to send me your damned pic when I ask nicely for it, you're not sweet enough for me and you can take a hike.

Now, if you send me a nude pic before I ask for one, I will assume you're a guy, since I am an adult male with a lot of experience with women and I have never in my life known a woman who would send a stranger a nude pic of herself first thing, just because he asks for a pic. I want a normal pic. You'd better not look like an airbrushed model and the pic had better not look professional, or I will also assume you're a guy trying to get over. And... trust me... I've seen every pic you have stolen off an Internet site.

If you're really what you say you are, and you really have a pic, that pic will reflect your reality. Try to scam me and I will know, trust me. I've been doing this awhile.

5. We will cyber via Instant Messages. If I have to take you to a private room to cyber with you, you're way too high maintenance for me, and you'll certainly disappear halfway through anyway, and who needs that? That's why I use Instant Messages, so I can stay available in the room I made to get the attention of people like you, so I have other potential partners coming along and when YOU disappear on me halfway through, I have someone else to go to for back up. I do not cyber with more than one person at once, but I like to remain available because so many partners just vanish in the middle.

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS. We cyber in Instant Messages, or we don't play. Accept it and move on.

6. I am, in real life, a very nice guy, and very considerate. I will ask as we begin to talk what kind of fantasy you like, and especially, if we're doing that kind of fantasy, how rough you like it. If you find all these questions annoying, don't IM me. I have found that if I don't ask these questions, then it's easy for me to cross an unknown boundary and my partners simply get offended and disappear on me. So if you want me to play rough, be prepared for me to ask 'how rough', and for you to tell me quite specifically what your limits are.

Conventional limits I've found are:

Slapping, hair pulling, and name calling is okay with most women. Punching is not.

Most women who like punching only like it in the body. In the face, not so much.

Women who will enjoy a punch in the face (online) generally like it all... extreme torture, cutting, burning, even snuff. I don't do snuff, but I'll get extreme if you want me to. I'm not like that in real life, but online it can be fun to let go sometimes.

I also like golden showers and especially pissing in your mouth, a lot. If you don't like that, tell me. If you do like that, I adore you. ;)

You can see why I say AOL generally doesn't give me enough room to write this stuff down.

If anything here has offended you gravely, I don't care. If you just have to IM me about it, well, go ahead, but I'll just delete it without replying. And thanks for reading this, regardless.