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A page of coolness!!!

things that make me happy!

Links that you should visit...or else!!!

Eskimo Bob
Kung Pow (good movie!)
Norma Jean
Nodes of Ranvier
Demon Hunter
The Marshmellow Bunny Torture site!
Project 86
Kids in the Way
Sidewalk Slam
education of monkeys! (monkeys rock!!)
Neviah Nevi
Manna Skateboards (not that I skate, I just think its cool!)
HM magazine (Hard Music)
I've never heard thier music but I plan too because they have a great massage!
Come and visit my blog of goodness!!!

thanks for comming and wasting your time at my site that nobobdy ever ever ever visits!! come back again. And always remember...I forget...nevermind! Have a poopy day!