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My Blog of DOOM!
Wednesday, 14 July 2004
I am sooooooo tired!! *yawn* do ya ever have one of those days where you're too tired to do anything what-so-ever but you just can't get to sleep? This has been one of those days for me and it sucks!!Personally, I think that its the 2 weeks of sleep deprivation that's doing this to me but who knows...but nehoo...I saw Spiderman 2 yesterday. It was soooooo good! I didn't expect to cry but I did! In the train thingy, I just couldn't help myself and I started sobbing...kinda pathetic, huh? I think so. I should go. ya, I think I'll do that!


Posted by freak2/strange_be_me at 7:01 AM MDT
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Friday, 25 June 2004
Hello again!!
I'm sooooo bored!! Yes I am!! Woot!!! I like saying be very fun to say! y'all should try it sometime! like right now --> WOOT!! <-- wasn't that just the funnest thing you've ever done? I think it was and you're just lying to yourself so that I get sad! I don't think that's very nice. *sob* <--see? you made me cry! I hope you're happy with yourself because I'm certainly not!! In fact, I'm so unhappy that I must say blargh. Here I go! --> BLARGHHH!!! <--be afraid, be very afraid! I should leave now and do something productive with my life like solving world hunger or twitching my nose! I think I'll go twitch my nose...ya, that'll work! Tootles!


Posted by freak2/strange_be_me at 6:57 AM MDT
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Friday, 28 May 2004
Hello peoples!!
Hi this is my cool blog!! Nobody will ever post on it because I'm so unspecial but if you want to, you can...just don't make anything icky and gross because that would make me sad! very very sad! meaning unhappy or lack of joy...ok, I'll stop with that. weeeeeeeeeeee!!! funness!!


Posted by freak2/strange_be_me at 11:56 AM MDT
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