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                                               Nathan's Beware the squirrels Place

Here's a little

'bout me

Once I was walking down the street when I saw a cute little squirrel,and I wanted to pet it and so I did but not for long……..I was savagely bitten and stomped on. Luckily my Dad and Mom saw the brutal attack and took the 12 gauge and shot it seventeen times…..phew that thing was bloody after they shot it so they took me to the emergency room and they said I probably wasn't going to make it through but miraculously pulled it off with 2 pints of blood lost and severe gashes in my head, and that is my encounter with "THE SQUIRREL".
P.S. stay away from "THE SQUIRRELS"

                          THIS IS A PICTURE OF "THE SQIRREL. "


This is the attorney who settled the case

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