When you walk through the Trail of Terror on Looking Glass Lane you will see reflections of all the fears you thought were tucked deep inside your mind. The Terror calls you. You can feel it's presense getting closer. It will begin to surround you---calling----you will not be able to deny it. No one realizes the horror here. The nightmares you have suffered are forcing their imagines into waking reality. You don't know how much longer you can struggle against these powers------pulling------pulling you into the darkness. Here are some pic from last year Trail.
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My Favorite things about THE TRAIL


I am the Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 216 in Waxhaw, North Carolina. The Trail of Terror started out as a Halloween party for my cubs, in 1998. We sat the cubs around a large fire pit and while they roasted marshmellows, we told the story of "Sleepy Hollow" and took them on a hike. We had dressed my nephew up in costume, he rode his horse up the dirt road , laughed and threw a lit carved pumpkin. The scouts are still talking about that night, they all loved it. We invited Scout Packs in our area to come the next year and made the small trail. After a lot of discussions we decided to make it a fundraiser for the Cub Pack and Boy Scout Troop. We had a small turn-out last year, but it was our first year. We are advertising more this year and hope to scare a lot more people this year.

At this time, I would like to personal thank, My Family ----my sister Janet for use of her property. My husband, son, grandchildren, nephews, sister Carol, my brother-in-law ( my family has turned into monsters and good ones too). My Scouting Family ---- The leaders, Scouts, and their Parents & Families Amazing Grace Lutheran Church Frank DeSimone-----Cobblestone Builders Morris Costumes-----Charlotte, N.C. Waxhaw Town Hall

Thank you all for the support and help with the Trail. Shirley Tillman Cubmaster Pack 216 Waxhaw

Hotdogs,chips & drinks maybe more

$5.00 Adults $4.00 Kids All money goes to Pack and Troop 216 Oct.25,26 dark til 11:00 Oct.30,31 dark til 10:00 May change

Trail Of Terror

8109 Looking glass lane, Waxhaw NC

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