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My Favorite things about Angelfire.

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Come to SCAREVIEW! Where your NIGHTMARES are REALITY!! Located in Camden, Arkansas just off of Hwy. 7 South on Houston St. Across from the old abandon paper mill at the DEAD end. 11th annual Haunted House. We have the best around!! Dismembered Deb, Jay the dead guy!, Swamp, maze, autopsy, the hangin', the well, and much, much more!!!We've added so many new things this year!! Come see us!! For 6 years in a row we have been the BEST HAUNT IN SOUTH ARKANSAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT INTENTED for children under 13 years of age, those pregnant, with any kind of heart condition, broken limbs or crybabies!!!!! 2005 hours of OPERATION!!! October 7,8,14,15,21,22,26-31 Weekdays 7pm-10pm Weekends 7pm-midnight