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Wool Roving Dreads Tutorial

I just finished making my first ever set of roving dreads from scratch, and decided to make a mini tutorial, because i couldn't find any illustrated instructions anywhere. The instructions I've written are only the way I do it, and should be used as a guideline. You do not have to do it this way, there are lots of different techniques. Find which is best for you. If you have any comments/criticisms and want to tell me, please email abz@
abz x x x

UPDATE (25-11-04): Yes, i am aware that the site has fault...i managed to delete it all...clever me. I still have the pictures, so it is fixable, but it might take a bit of time...Sorry!!!
abz x x x

UPDATE (25-11-04 again): All is well in the world of the tutorial...i found the codes on my hard drive *phew*
abz x x x

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