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Hello people! My name is Kris. I am the lucious lover of Lauren! And since I'm always giving her some action, I talked her into letting me post some absolute garbage that will hopefully give you brief glimpse of happiness in your otherwise pathetical dull and drab life. Anyway, the basic gist of this thingie is that I'm going to post some pictures and write some crap underneath them and then you laugh! That's how it goes, alright? Don't forget that. Anyway, I thought first off all I would include a photo from my childhood.

As you can see, I was a very well devolped child. And rugged! Very rugged.

Anyway! Here we go, time to get to the main event of crapness!


Al Quada's latest tatic

This is Kara's toilet. As you can tell, I think he has a problem.

And lastly, this is Irv Gotti *WINK WINK*

Well that's my first edition of "Pictures I Stole". I should probably say where I got the pictures from, but eh, its not like they'll find out anytime soon! In the future, I'll have some email set up so you can send in some pictures that you find quite humorous and we'll put em up! So until then, I'll see you then!