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This is the home of six uber-nerds. It has many many windows in the front, but none on the back. This is probably to protect neighbors from the UN(uber nerd)-rays. Exposure to these rays for over three hours will cause nerdiness, idiocy, and lack of fashion sense. Often, there are cries of obscenities, and more cries of, "I WAS SUPPOSED TO WIN!"
Yes, my friends. This is surely the house of doom. Below is the diary of a fledgling uber-nerd and her discoveries as a Reagan.

Hello. My name is Bridget Reagan. I am a fledgling uber-nerd from the Reagan family. I was not always this way... but the uber nerd-rays have consumed my soul and addicted me to the computer for the rest of my life. I live here with John, Patrick, Erin, Kelly, and Matthew, as well as quite a few animals. The nerd rays seem to be escaping! Click here if you think you may be affected. In the meantime, please allow me to straighten out a few rumors.
1. No one in my family is a full borg. My father is half borg, and I myself am one quarter borg.
2. The animals are not part machine.
3. I really do have to sleep. I am not always on the computer.
4. I do have a job.
5. I am 100% certified computer nerd.
6. I have some fashion sense. Just not much.
7. What are you talking about? It's PERFECTLY NORMAL!
8. The reason we have no windows on the back of our house is because it is so scary inside that the people behind us would probably rather not see it.
Here is a picture of me:

Okay, so maybe our house isn't that scary, but the people in it are!
Just LOOK at them with their pale skin, and BLUE eyes! Scary, eh?
They're constructing a map of Pakistan for their initial overthrowing of Osama Bin Laden.
No, they're not going to stop him. They're going to take control FOR him.

Yeah, so my family's a little scary, but they're cute.
On the bright side, I have a bunch of friends.
Friend numero uno -- EMILY! ...And the side of Ted's head                                       And friend numero... uh... two -- Ted!:
And there's Mark.:            

And I finally got a picture! It's Alexa from soccer!
Unfortunately, I can't make a comment on her pants this time, because she isn't wearing any. So... is it a gay skirt, then? *twitch*