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My ever so boring dead journal
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i just figured i'd let everyone know that as of today (march 30th, 2003) that i won't be updating this regularly. if anyone has looked at this at any two times recently they'd realize that i haven't been anyway. i just decided to cuz someone signed my guestbook with suggestions for the site...way after i gave up on it. so if you want regular updates then screw this html stuff and go to my deadjournal. and i said screw html so you're gonna have to copy and paste that. so that's all....don't expect more here but i'll leave everything that's here up.
go look at the pics page, it's bands and other cool pics i've found online, you can submit some too.

see if you can see what it says on the pic. there's really cool ones like it at

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I need ideas of what to put here so let me know if you have any. if anyone has stuff they want me to post here tell me and i'll type it up on here.
dionne has little fists of fury.
does anyone have anything that i can put here? anything at all.............well, almost anything. there's things i obviously won't post, and then some things i'll just choose not to post. like stupid things or poetry.....i don't understand it and avoid it.
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