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1.    In the toolbox, select the Custom Shape tool.

2.    In the tool options bar, click the pop-up arrow for the shape option to open the custom-shape picker. Then click the arrow button on the right side of the picker to open the palette menu, and choose Load Shapes.

3.    In the Load dialog box, go to the Lesson10folder and select golfball.csh. Click LOAD.

4.    Select the golf-ball shape at the bottom of the custom-shape picker and press ENTER. Holding down SHIFT constrain the shape to its original proportions.

5.    In the tool option bar, select the Shape Layer option.

6.    Make sure that the foreground color is white, and then hold down SHIFT and drag diagonally in the image window to draw and size the shape.

7.    Adjust the golf-ball shape as needed:

    o       To move the shape, select the path selection tool and drag it to position so that the bottom of the golf tee is just to the right of the word moon.

    o       To resize the shape, choose Edit > Free Transform, and SHIFT-drag one of the corner handles. The golf ball should be about half the height of the poster.

8.    When you are satisfied with the golf-ball image, press ENTER or click the Dismiss Target Path Button on the tool option bar.

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