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Joseph Anthony E. Alvarez , Walden S. Dones

II - ECE - A, Don Bosco Technical College


Lesson 10: Vector Masks, Paths and Shapes

Adobe Photoshop 7.0


Bitmap Images and Vector Graphics (Explanation)

Lesson Proper: Getting Started

Adding a Colored Shape to the Background

Subtracting More Shapes from a Shape Layer and Deselecting Paths

Drawing Paths

Combining Paths into a Filled Shape

Adding TYPE to the image in Edit Mode

Stylizing and Warping Text

Adding a new Text Layer

Creating Work Paths from Text

Altering the appearance of the Work Paths

Adding a Gradient Layer

Applying a Work Path to a Layer as a Vector Mask

Creating a flag image and more text

Merging and Distorting Layer Combination

Placing a Custom Shape

Adding Styles to a Custom Shape


Dones rules pare.....