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  1. In the Layer palette, select Layer 2, and then click the New Layer Button to create another layer, Layer 3.

  2. Select the Polygon tool, hidden under the Ellipse tool.

  3. In the tool option bar, do the ff.:

4.      In the Color palette, set the foreground to a salmon color, using R=244, G=128, and B=118.

5.      Hold down SHIFT and drag the Polygon tool to draw a triangle. Make the triangle large to just fit between the word invitational and the right edge of the image, and so that the left side of the triangle is parallel to the L.

6.      Select the Type tool and select the ff options:

    o       Font family- same sans serif font that you used for the word invitational.

    o       Font style- BOLD.

    o       Font size- 30 pt.

    o       Click the text color swatch and select white.

7.      Type oct 2nd anywhere in the image. This automatically creates a new layer (layer 4), w/c appears immediately above the flag layer (layer3).

8.      Select the Move tool and drag the “oct 2nd” text over the triangular flag shape.

9.      With the “oct 2nd” layer selected in the Layers palette, choose Edit > Free transform.

10.  Drag the center-left and center right handles as needed to compress the text bounding box so that all the text fits within the triangle. Press ENTER.

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