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1.    Using the path selection tool, select one of your circles, and then hold down SHIFT and select the second circle. Both paths are now selected.

2.    In the tool option bar, click the Combine button.

3.    In the toolbar, click the Default Foreground And Background Colors button, w/c is to the lower left of the two larger color swatches and changes them back to black and white.

4.    In the same area of the toolbar, click the Switch Foreground And Background Colors button, so that the foreground is white and the background black.

5.    In the Paths Palette, drag the work path to the Fill Path With The Foreground Color button at the bottom left of the palette.

6.    In the Layers Palette, change the Opacity to 40%, either by typing or by clicking the Opacity arrow to open the pop-up slider and dragging it.

7.    If the circle shape is still selected, click the Dismiss Target Path button in the tool option bar, and then choose File > Save.

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