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1.    Zoom in to 200 or 300% so that you can easily see the details in the letter L of the word invitational and at least an inch of the blue shape directly above it.

2.    In the toolbox, select the Direct Selection Tool, hidden under the path selection tool.

3.    In the image window, click the L part of the work path.

4.    Select the two path points at the top of the L subpath by clicking one of the points and then SHIFT- clicking the other.

5.    Start dragging the two points upward and then hold down SHIFT to constrain the movement, stopping when the L extends to about the level of the lower edge of the shape you created from two circles. The L is now about five or six times as tall as it was originally.

6.    Click outside the work path to deselect it, and then zoom out against so that you can see the entire poster.

7.    Choose File > Save.

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