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1.  Choose File > Open and select the 10Start.psd.

2.    Choose View > Rulers to display a horizontal and a vertical ruler.

3.    Using the TAB for the Paths palette, drag the palette out of the Layers palette group.

4.    In the Color palette, set the foreground RGB color to a deep blue color by typing 0 as the R, 80 as the G value, and 126 as the B value.

5.    On the toolbox, select the Rectangle Tool. Make sure that the Shape Layer option is selected.

6.    Drag a rectangle from the intersection of the top and leftmost guides to the third horizontal guide and the right margin of the page.

7.    In the toolbox, select the Direct Selection Tool, hidden under the Path Selection tool, and click anywhere on the path of the blue rectangle to select the path, so that selection handles appear in the four corners.

8.    Select the lower left handle of the blue shape, being careful to select just the handle and not a path segment.

9.    SHIFT + DRAG the handle upwards to the next horizontal guide and release the mouse button when the handle snaps into place against the guide.

10.    Choose View > Show > Guides to hide the guides.

11.    Click anywhere inside or outside the blue rectangle in the image window to deselect the path and hide its handles.

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