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This dark layout features lyrics from the song Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones. How fitting; I created this layout on the day that they, along with many others, were having the SARStock concert in Toronto. And I was at home so far away, only able to watch by the television. XD

This layout is designed to be used as a blog or journal, but you don't have to use it for that if you don't want to.

Though the design is graphically miniscule, I think it still packs a little punch. This is the main content area for you to write your entries. Over to the right, I put a scrolling menu for a side bar.

The rectangle that is below the menu is an optional avatar for yourself. If you wish, you can replace the 70x63 pixel avatar.gif with a picture of you or an object/character that represents you. (Be sure to resize the image in an image editor!)

Remember, you must leave the text that is embedded into the layout (layout by magitek designs) on the layout as a credit!

Click here to download!

Hello, you can write a little something about your site, welcome visitors, or have your navigation links here. This area is scrollable if you hover over the little up and down arrows!

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You can basically add whatever you want in this area to fill up the space. This text is here to show you a preview of how the scrolling box works!