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Whip-poor-will (Caprimulgus voviferus)


The Whippoorwill

The Whip-poor-will is a woodland resident, roosting and nesting on the ground among dead leaves. This nesting serves as camouflage, rendering them virtually invisible, so perfect is their protective coloration. The male has white tips on its tale which are visible in flight.

This bird is strictly nocturnal and anyone who lives near a wooded countryside is familiar with their call which begins at dusk and continues erratically throughout the night. Its pleasing quality adds enchantment to the world of shadows. One hundred repetitions, with hardly a pause, are not uncommon. The record may be one thousand and eighty eight, counted by famed naturalist John Burroughs. Males sing regularly from a number of perches close to the ground, within their territory and follow a defined route each evening. By sitting motionless at one station, an observer can be rewarded by a vocal performance at arm's length.

Listen to the Whippoorwill's call: Whippoorwill

The Pack's Totem:


Allows its pack members to imitate the calls of all known species of birds. Bastards of Whippoorwill do not necessarily have to howl to signal their pack members. They're capable of using variations of bird songs, instead. All the followers of Whippoorwill gain an additional two dice for any Perception rolls that involve spotting enemies at night.


The Whippoorwill demands a moot in its honor twice a year. Bastards of Whippoorwill often hunt down and sacrifice predators of birds, whippoorwills in particular, because it pleases their totem.

Totem Statistics: Rage 2, Willpower 3, Gnosis 6, Pack Communication