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Our Journals

January 20,2004 6:00pm
Today I had a major Spanish exam and I am seriously afraid that I didnt do very well on it. Ive been bored and I cant wait until the Super Bowl [Panthers VS Patriots]. Im hoping that the Panthers will pull off a victory. Sorry we havent updated the journal in a while we have just been too busy with studying for exams. Well I guess I have to go now. Peace.

January 17,2004 10:36 PM
Today I went to the mall wit Jay and wandered amlesly for three hours.

Today I went to the mall with Nathan and we hung out and followed some girls. Im kind of mad at someone right now because he lies so much but I will keep his name secret. Life is just kind of odd sometimes. Poor Nathan got his heartbroken. Well I guess I got to get going and I hope you like our new rap which is dedicated from Nathan to a special someone. Peace Out!