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UPDATES:new korn link i made on the other sides to this site



  • CARTOONS!!!!

  • Disturbed

    ABOUT ME: living for right now. thats all u need to know

    Look, an O so dangerous cat!!!


  • Sry, i know that the logo half of this site isent that good yet. but angelfire is picky when it comes to getting wat u want on ur site.
  • I know my site sux. but i need more ideas so i can make better ones. so if u have any ideas for my site.Or if u have any bands that u think i should put on this site, plzzzzzzzzzzzzz e-mail me at

    My favotire

    bands:Nirvana,Korn,Adema,Disturbed,Earshot,Offspring,Ozzy,Pappa Roach,Saliva,Seven Dust,Slipnot,System Of A Down,Tool,Trust Company,Static-X,Drowning Poolm,Cold.Yeh, I know, its too much. But you should know that I like music a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Anyways, enough talk about me, lets talk about the site. Its going to be mostly about music. Im gunna try to get the latest band names of the type of music that I like and put it up and documents on the bands.

    Well sry for all of u who think im going to put a journal in my site cause i really have nothing that happens in my life to ever talk about. and seeing how im a depressed suicidle case, its hard to tell my life out and not worry about people telling others i dont want to know of my attempts!

    Shout outs:

  • Joe(aka)Yeti:VOTE YETI FOR DICTATOR!physical fights online is always a good way to fight and get out all your anger. well hmm, uhhhhhhhhh, ahhhh, mMmmMmmmmmMmmm....i just dont know wat to say anymore about u, most of wat u say never comes to be, but thats ok. i understand anywhos.....

  • Paul(aka)Hello Guy:well theres not much to say about him but his story>I remember when it happened. I was sitting at my desk, petting my pet llama, Mr. Poojoo. All of a sudden, the phone rang. Mr. Poojoo was startled and ran away. “Uh-oh,” I thought. Mr. Poojoo only runs away when it is something bad. I hesitantly answered the phone. “Hello?” “What’s your favorite scary movie?” the voice asked. “Uh… ‘Pootie Tang’.” I responded. “Thank you,” the voice said before hanging up. As soon as I put the phone down, it rang again. “Hello?” I asked. “Yes, hello, Officer Bingo?” said the man. “Yes, this is him, why?” “There is an armed robbery at the Local Convenience Store 1 block away from the police station. The suspect is a white male and he is extremely armed and dangerous.” “Alright, I’m on my way,” I said. I took my gun off the desk and hopped into the cruiser. At that time, I realized I didn’t have my keys. I got ort of the car and frantically searched for them. While doing so, I bumped into my friend Salvatore Vladzykof. “What’s the hurry?” he asked in his deep Scottish accent. “I can’t find my keys and there is a robbery at the Local Convenience Store,” I said “Can’t you just walk there?” he asked. “Well, yeah, but I have to be all cool and come in with my cruiser at a really fast speed.” “Oh,” he said. “ Well, sorry, I haven’t seen your keys” “That’s OK,” I said. I moved on. Two hours later, I found my keys. They were in the ignition all along. I got into the car and tried to start it, but it was out of gas. I had to spend another two hours pushing my car to the gas station. I finally got there and filled my tank. “ Alright, now I’m ready to go,” I thought. After hitting a few signs, mailboxes, and pedestrians, and causing a few accidents, I came racing into the Local Convenience Store parking lot at a whopping 25 mph. Apparently, I was the first one there. I got out of my car and did a little victory dance for being so early. “ Better stay on track,” I said to myself. I took out my binoculars and looked through them. I could see the robber, and boy, was he armed to the teeth. He had three automatic weapons, four pistols, two shotguns, and a nuke strapped to his back. Not only that, but he managed to fit five tanks, six harriers, and eight hummers into the store. I decided to take him out myself. I took out my pistol and fired a shot. Whoops. I hit the clerk in the left arm. I took another shot. This time, it hit the clerk in the right arm. I took two more shots each one hitting the customer in both arms. “This doesn’t seem to be working,” I thought. I took out my taser. “This should do the trick,” I said. I threw it as hard as I could, but I threw it too high and it hit a bird on the roof. “Darn!” I said. “That’s the 5th taser this week! If only I had a grenade….” Wait! What was that on the ground? To my luck, it was a perfectly good grenade. I was about to throw it when Sgt. Customary grabbed my hand. “What are you doing officer!? You could have killed everybody!” I hated Sgt. Customary. He was always like “Don’t shoot him!” or “Don’t arrest her!” and “Don’t destroy that!” “I was trying to kill the bad guy,” I said “Why don’t you do us a favor and leave!” he barked. “No!” I yelled. I then slapped him and ran away crying. While weeping, I came up with a good idea. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my walkie-talkie. “Send in Barney,” I said “Affirmative” the dispatcher replied. Five minutes later, a van pulled into the parking lot. The doors opened, and out came 400 pounds of terror and destruction. In a second, a blur of purple and green dashed across the parking lot and into the store. Barney was in there, beating the crud out of the robber, throwing kicks and punches everywhere. Finally the robber was apprehended and put into custody. Everyone was uninjured, except for the clerk, customer, and the robber. Oh, and don’t forget the people I hit on the way there. Also, I kind of injured Sgt. Customary when I slapped him. And whatever you do, do not forget the bird I accidentally electrocuted. In the end, Barney got all the credit, but I think we all know who the real hero was. Me. I’m glad there are still people like me who fight to preserve peoples freedoms and keep them safe and protected. People may not realize it, but I am part of the elite group of people that keep this great country together.

  • Beth:Hey, hope u get to find out how to do my rings. And thanks for always never 4getting about me in the halls or where ever u saw me you would say hi. you helped me a lot through some of my hard days......
  • Lexi:FOOD IS FOR THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!And whats worng with cracking my bones???hehe. Mewoof!
  • Brian:I hope that u have a great relationship with trina for a ling time.P.S.I have a big feeling that ur not going to stay with ur site for a long time.
  • Alvin: Your right, nirvana is better.
  • DJ: What would the world come to if there wasent any weapons?
  • Pete:ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dina:What would would happen if we didnt have any music???AAAHHHH, bad thought.Get it ouT!!!!!!!
  • Steve:Hehe, the top of the roof is always fun. Even better if theres actualy hacky sacks to get down.

  • Nicole:You gotta stop killing things to make cheese with, like the poor goats that you made goat cheese with!

  • Tiff!!!!: ahhh, quick...gregs getting awaY~!

  • Tiffany: yes another tiff but shes not from chs, but shes a kewl person and all, and yes, go getto (ghetto) and maybe ull get a prize. o, and u wanna start something foo?We're married!!!! YAY! love ya!

    HEHE, if only it had an oil spillage and was on fire


    look at all the cokE!!

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  • Fun Pictures:

    Well these pictures are all way over sized, but O well....


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    Joe ~aka.~(YETI)

    Music links!

    System of a down
    Radio that plays wat ever u want it to!
    If u play guitar. i suggest coming here!!!