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Here are just a few of my closest friends

These are my friends Leo, Mason, Me and Boudreau. The big
dumb animal u see right there is my favorite drinkin buddy.
We get a little crazy sometimes (maybe too much?) but i
always come out with minimal cuts and bruises :-)

This is my best friend Meaghan-Darling, shes just a little tipsy
right here ;-) She's the coolest person i know and we'd do anything
for each other

Here's me and my friend becky, she's awesome. Throw a couple beers in
her tho and she'll kick your ass. Believe me, i know from past experiences :-)

This is my trippin' buddy (he is alot of fun to trip with) corey, he does some
cool 3d animation and shit down in college in PA. He's teaching me how to
use Adobe Photoshop and soon he'll be showin me how to use Maya