Love Personality Quiz

Personal questionnaire for
chidambra & Moheem

Please answer the questions below. While answering, we hope that you also get some starting points to think about your relationship.

Ok, some of the questions might not make very much sense for you now, however they are necessary for the compatibility test: they make sense when combined with the answers of the other questions. There are questions which analyze how well you know the other person, how you feel about your partner as well as other compatibility questions.

Answer each question and click the "Continue..." button at the end. Remember that none of the answers are right or wrong, just select the one that best fits you. After taking the full quiz, you'll see how your relationship scores on a general level and how compatible you are on a numerology and astrology level.

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  1. chidambra, do you think Moheem is handsome? Yes No Not sure
2. Does he know you? Yes No Not sure
3. Does he have a moped, motorcycle or a car? Yes No Not sure
4. Does he dress stylishly? Yes No Not sure
5. chidambra, do you know his parents? Yes No Not sure
6. Does Moheem know your parents? Yes No Not sure
7. Is he taller than you? Yes No Not sure
8. Do you know his friends? Yes No Not sure
9. Do you know his last girlfriend? Yes No Not sure
10. Has he already sent you a letter? Yes No Not sure
11. Has he given a present to you? Yes No Not sure
12. Have you already been away with Moheem? Yes No Not sure
13. Do you know where Moheem lives? Yes No Not sure
14. Does he know where you live, chidambra? Yes No Not sure
15. Have you already been at his place? Yes No Not sure
16. Does he have his own room? Yes No Not sure
17. Have you ever had a date with Moheem? Yes No Not sure
18. Have you asked him to go out with you? Yes No Not sure
19. Have you brought him home already? Yes No Not sure
20. Have you been alone with Moheem? Yes No Not sure
21. Have you hugged him already? Yes No Not sure
22. Have you kissed him already? Yes No Not sure
23. Have you danced with him already? Yes No Not sure
24. chidambra, do you love him? Yes No Not sure