Hey Guys , I know most of you guys are jobless at the moment .. lol ... i know u are coz i was :P but there is a solution to every problem so " You are in a position " to earn cash :P its true u can earn cash per search u make over the internet ... at the moment the site which i am just going to give u gives 2 cents per search ... thats quite less but they just started their work in april so they would difinitely rise ;) the best part is that u could put up about 6 browsers and keep searching ... anything u want .. could it a letter or a word :0 and just 4r that search u get paid ! ive made a yahoo group on it ...even though its just 3 paragraphs giving u steps so njoy reading and njoy earning :) .. i will be posting the step by step instructions on this page soon ... till then visit this page www.groups.yahoo.com/group/EarnCashFast *Dubai users .. lol sorry abt this but u guys cant use this cuz Etisalat blocks the site ;) they dont want u guys to work lol :P this site works 4r India .. so those of u in India .. njoy :P

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