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Welcome to the Middle of Nowhere, where I have information on just about anything I like.  The main part of the site is the music.  It's mainly ranges from light rock to death metal to alternative, so I have somewhat of a variety.  Go ahead and take a look around.  You can get a hold of me by going to the Mind Behind the Site portion.  If you have your own band, and want me to add your name and/or publicize for you, go ahead and drop me a line.  Just give me information and maybe some material, and we'll go on from there.  Hope to catch you soon.  Later.


The Mind Behind the Site



October 13th, 2003 -

Alright.  I started a new little thing in the bands section, so you can look up bands by their location.  It's not nearly done yet, but you can take a look if you really want to and give me some places I'm missing out on or stuff like that.  I'm in a little hurry at the moment, so I'll have to cut this short.  Let me know of more bands if you like, and remember - I can publicize for you all!  jus let me know.  I'm out.




October 11, 2003 -

As I said before, time just flies by.  School has been going well.  I just turned in my first paper in English.  I got a 97 on it.  Yay!  My other classes are a piece of cake.  Volleyball has been going very well, too.  So far, we haven't lost a single game within our league.  Today, we have a tournament against some of the hardest teams in the state.  I hope we do well.  If only I could sleep in preparation for it.  It's 1:20 in the morning, and I have to leave my house at 6 to get to the tournament on time.  Well, I should be off.  Be sure to check out my updated sections!  Wicc, and .... wait ... that's it for this time.  hehe.  I'll be back.  Later.


P.S.  I've reached 400 hits!

P.P.S. Oh yea...I did update the Mind Behind the Site page.



September 17th, 2003 -

Wow!  Time has been flying by real fast lately.  I just went out and purchased my textbooks for school today... There went a quick $440.  Now I think that's a rip-off.  School starts this coming Monday; I'm not ready.  Oh, well.  I can deal with it.  I've also been busy since volleyball has started up.  Ok ok, so I play sports.  Well, it keeps me in shape.  I'm on varsity, and we had a game tonight.  We won, and we plan to keep on winning.  Wish us luck this season!  I'll try to keep updating as often as possible.  Later.


P.S.  I've reached 300 hits!  Yay!



August 19th, 2003 -

Oooh.... I hit 200 hits.  Woohoo!  All I've updated this time was just making the webring stuff work correctly...hopefully.  We'll see how that works out.  Nothin much goin on in my life.  I think I might post some more pics of myself on here sometime soon.  Perhaps I may post pictures of my visitors here as well.  All you have to do is send a pic to me, and I'll go ahead and post it.  sound like a plan?  ok.  :-)  Later.




August 12th, 2003 -

Alright it's time for another update.  mmm... these little wafer sticks are really good...chocolate...yum.  I updated the Wicc page and posted the song clips for you to test out.  I really enjoy them, and I hope you do, too.  I have a whole bunch of family over at my house right now.  Heh, just imagine 8 people living in one house.  It's not too bad, and they cook great food, so that's a plus.  I'll be updating again soon, when I get the time.  Later.




August 2nd, 2003 -

Do you like the new banner?  A good friend of mine made it for me the other night along with a few others.  He has some other works of his here.  I might change the banner to another one soon.  Maybe, but I do like this one.  Also, I've been noticing quite a few more hits than usual.  My thanks to Wicc, an awesome band that has been greatly helping the promotion of the site.  So now I have some incentive to work a little more on it.  Sometime soon I'm going to have a better copy of Wicc songs that will be posted in their section.  So you're going to have to come back again to check it out.  Later.



July 24th, 2003 -

Wow.  My life is becoming quite busy.  I'm working 40 hours a week right now...temporarily... but hey.  I get paid for it.  Oh yea, if the counter doesn't show up the first time you enter the site, go ahead and refresh and it should show up.  That's what I get for going cheap and getting a free counter.  I suppose I could just make one myself, but I... am a lazy bum.  Heh.  I updated a few band's pages including Wicc, an unsigned band from Tennessee.  Go ahead and have a look.  Later.




July 16th, 2003 -

Hey hey....I made the counter work.  Thanks to www.digits.com  Meh.  I haven't been keepin the calendar or tours up to date.  I'm sorry about that.  I'll get around to it sometime, but in the meantime I've been pretty busy.  It's hard to manage a house meant for an entire family with only two people.  Well, I'll get used to it and be able to keep up the site in no time.  Talk later.





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