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A GIRL'S EYE FOR THE     RIGHT GUY                                 

A comprehensive interpretative guide to first dates in NYC.

 To all girls who are about to set out on the “dredded” first date.  I hope to alleviate some of the guess-work from this hair-raising, vomit-inducing, stomach knotting, hand-wringing, head-splitting, but unavoidable step on the road to everlasting love. ENJOY !

   FOOD     FOOD - A first date to an eatery is a daring and bold move. Whether you date compliments your looks or not, a date to a restaurant is a good bet that your guy finds you attractive. Or, at the very least, he's not embarrassed to be seen with you in public. This is a wonderful venue for you girls to really get to know your man. Does he pull out the chair for you? Place his napkin on his lap? Order before you? Know how to use cutlery? Eat with a full mouth? Check it out chicks.

 RECREATION       RECREATION - A recreational first date can either work in your favor or backfire big time. To interpret your date correctly, you must pay close attention to his body language, facial expressions, sweat level, and verbiage. Boys will be boys, and that makes them competitive by nature. If your guy spots you a couple of points……he's a keeper…..if his bowling ball "accidentally" crushes your foot, or his golf club, pokes you in the eye, it's advisable to make a clean, and timely get away.

  MOVIES         MOVIES & THE THEATER - While this can be a pricey date, don't be fooled………Movies and theater are not considered a great first date place, girls. A first date here either means your guy is conversationally challenged, or he can't bear the thought of looking at you for 2 hours. If there are no other options on the table, insist on choosing the flick and location………the chickier the flick, the better !

  LOUNGES   LOUNGES - For the confident conversationalist. Lounges can be the perfect place for the perfect date…………or an invitation for disaster. Guys who take their first dates here, have for the most part, allocated a very small amount of time for this date. The success of this date venue rests solely on the couple's ability to talk…….and talk….and talk…….and talk……usually achieved at an above average decibel level…. what would a lounge be without muzak in some form or another? If the conversation flows, and elevator music doesn't fray your already frazzled nerves, he's a keeper !



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