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Molly's Place

Hello, my name is Mary aka Molly (that's how they called me in the zoo for retarded monkeys). This is me

and this my Joe

This is our son Joe Jr. He looks ready for a date but he can't get one. Paul says I'll be yours.

This is my friend Paul aka Jim Felson on TCC. After he went to the Ricki Lake show, many more channels wanted him on their shows.

This is my other good friend and Paul's cousin Jerry aka Jerkie. He is singing "Unchained Melody" and was on TCC too.

This is Dr. Hinton trying to imitate Elvis.

Be sure and come visit us, and bring some bananas, we go absolutely nuts for them. Sometimes I stick them up my ass that's why they threw me out of the zoo. When Joe and I stick them up each other's ass, Paul joins in.