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Loved Depression

im liz. no one that visits this site will know me. well, at least i hope not. i am in drivers training right now so in a few days i will have my permit so stay off the road. i may try and kill you. hehe. i like this guy named cameron. hes in my class and he sits next to me. i wont tell him i like him though. i also like this guy named cory. he lives in brookshire. hes the greatest guy i have ever met. i have some weird interests but if your into any of them and you wanna chat just e-mail me or im me. my s/n on aim is sweetheart102787. i prefer guys but i have explored before. bi...get over it! i am bored so i decided it would be cool to make a website, when i know that it isnt cool its just lame. im leaving now. i bet your all happy. oh, wait....*in a sarcastic tone* you really boosted my self esteem by visiting my lame site. if you think its lame e-mail me with ways i can make it better. well, even if you dont think its lame e-mail me with your comments. thanks for coming by...hehe...bye.

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