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Josh Taylor Website

Josh Taylor Rocks my Socks

Jesus Freak Hideout

Jessica's Personal Site

Ultimate Guitar

Homestar Runner


My Everything is Yours

Radio Active Squirrel

The Day Jesus Went to the Rock Show


Ain't No Foo'

Eating in the Rain Is Fun

We Crash Into Walls



The Funniest Music You Will EVER Hear!!

All About My Bud Josh

DEDICATED TO JOSH!! HAHA I MADE U A SITE.. actually I really just got bored and couldn't sleep. We all know why :-( So I decided to play around with html.. lol its all good.

I'm going to add links for like your songs and what not and pictures if you want em :-) hehe im just playing around!!!! :-)

My FAVORITE SONG: My Everything is Yours

Josh, John Reuben, and Josh's sister Amy