Running From My Fears

One of my old English (he's not old...he's lik, 20-something...maybe 30...) told me I had a gift for writing. How does someone know they have a gift? I'm not sure if I have that gift, cause I consider myself an artist, not a writer. But it doesn't hurt to be both right? So I've decided to post poems and stuff I've written here on this webage for the world to see. Comments are welcomed (good or bad). I will continue to add things.

My Poems

A Search
A Farmer's Cave
Lava Fiend
An Irony Poem
What if no one loved anymore?
A Spray of Ocean
Faithless Dream
Matters of Matter
This Dream of Mine
I Saw the Perfect Spider Web
I Want to be Nothing
A Glazed Flower
Death to a Star
Earth's Push and Pull
A Hold of Gravity
Sail of the Stars
A Terrible Beauty
This is the Girl
My Starry Night
Left You Alone
A Dangerous Warrior
Eyes Alone
The Tunnel of Life

Just a Puppet
Yesterday Seemed Better
When the Rain was Smart
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