The Ship I Sank in the Desert

I love traveling. I love plane rides (except the turblence, I could do without that). I have been forunate enough to be able to travel to a few different countries and places. Let me name a few: Austraila, China, Mexico, Canada (only Niagara Falls!!!), the Big Island (Hawaii), Oahu, Maui, Arizona, Japan (only for a few minutes while changing planes for China), Disneyland (I say thats a country!), Walt Disney World, and Washington DC. I like to see different places and learn about them. You can tell I want to fly away. So here you can see pics from my recent trips- just use the links below!

Geckos Shall Be Proud

Disneyland Sept 2001 and Etc....
China-Spring Break 2002
Oahu-Summer of 2002
Europe (London, Paris, Florence, and Rome)- Spring Break 2003
To return to your head