Saints Captive in Chains

Surfing the web has been a pastime for me. And I have come across some very good...and very bad webpages. Here are ones that I really enjoy. And also, please visit my friend's webpages...they need the attention.

Step On a Crack...

See? There IS a conspiracy about Canadian World Domination!
When astronomy couldn't get any worse, there's this
Need to get a life? Here's one!
Tell the world your feelings and thoughts
Cool wallpaper...for your computer
Are you bored?
Tests and Tests and Tests
**My OLD webpage** Behind the Frames: Tails and Pawprints of the Speccy Ocelot
Tell the world your mood
Have a question about the Universe? It might be answered here!
Like to watch cartoons beat each other up? Go here!
Strange Cosmos...thats what it is
Use this one to go back to LaLa Land
Everyone's favorite...thing: Home Star Runner!
Love video games? Talk about them here!
Love or loathe your teachers? Well you can rate them here
Look up lyrics to any song
Muffin Films...yep
A new cartoon everyday, how nice
Learn about upcoming movies
Sound and Fury
A new picture every day
This one is to go back home