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Wednesday, May 05, 2004

So I'm moving to the Big D

So today I told the guys in Plano, TX that I would love to do an internship with WyldLife... but thoughts keep going through my head ... AM I NUTS? Plano, TX? Why so far away? Why with middle school kids? Why in Plano - where Young Life has really struggled to get off the ground??!?!? So many questions and yet, I have no answers. I also interviewed in Chicago, where - to be honest - I felt completely comfortable. The people were so awesome. It's high school Young Life ministry with kids just like those I went to school with. The Area Director and his wife were kick butt awesome people. But it was almost too comfortable. Knowing me, I need large challenges that will cause me to stretch and grow. Which I'm sure could have also happened in Chicago, especially seeing that I was only 15 minutes from IKEA. What am I thinking?


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